Hard fight into the water

In triathlon, running often determines the winner, but today, in a few cases, everything was decided at the cycling stage. On the bike it was possible to make up for water losses caused by various reasons. Both sprint and Olympic distances.

At 8.00 the sprint participants jumped into the water . The first meters, due to the rather shallow water, the organizers suggested to run, not to swim. After 50 meters the real swimming began.

In this race from the beginning Jarosław Jankiewicz Delgado. – We know the boys very well and I knew who I could fight today – said the leader after swimming and later the winner at the finish line.

While after the swimming the differences were not too big, after the cycling stage J. Jankiewicz Delgado’s lead was nearly three minutes. So before him was a lonely race for victory. – I’m used to running alone. In my city, I often train like this – said the winner at the finish line.

Now his main goal is the Polish Championship. – Of course I want to win them – he declared.

Among the ladies, Agnieszka Gadomska turned out to be the best. The second came out of the water, more than a minute behind Karolina Szalast. But on the bike she did her job. – I already liked my new bike – A. Gadomska smiled at the finish line. – It was pure pleasure to drive today – she added.

A. Gadomska admitted that she has moments this season when she feels tired. She competed in Gdańsk for the seventh time this year. – But I still have goals for September, although I do not want to talk about them for now – she announced.

In the sprint relay, and more precisely in two other relays, a pair of Challenge Gdańsk ambassadors – Tamara Arciuch and Bartek Kasprzykowski – performed. Tamara had a swimming distance to cover. – It was my first time racing in the sea. Needless to say, I was very nervous. But I had a great team – she said at the finish about her team – the players who bid for the start on Saturday at the WOŚP auctions.

Bartek Kasprzykowski in his team competed in the bicycle stage. – There were adventures along the way, before the start I was afraid of the section in the tunnel under the Martwa Wisła river. But it was extra – he smiled at the finish line.

Sprint distance results:

At the Olympic distance, the later winners had adventures in the water. – The waves hit me pretty hard. I lost a lot on swimming – said Krzysztof Kuczyński, the fastest at the finish line. – But it just motivated me to keep fighting. – I caught up with my rivals on the bike, I tried to jump away from them, but Rafał Wąsowski held on tight. I only managed to escape him while running.

The water also took its toll on the best woman. Monika Jadczak had huge problems with the chip while swimming, so we couldn’t track her result online. – As I swam, I felt the chip slide off my leg. I grabbed it, put it under the wetsuit and that’s how I swam to the shore – she said.
Fortunately, thanks to the verification of the judges, it turned out that M. Jadczak covered all stages, in accordance with the regulations, and at the finish line she could enjoy the victory. – The hardest part was during the run, when I was concentrating only on reaching the finish line, and the next doubled people gave me energy – the winner of the olimpics distance smiled.

Olympic distance results:

At the end of the day, an accompanying 5 km run – Challenge Woman by Brooks was held. The run is dedicated to women, but one of the men also decided to start, one of our announcers to be precise…
The warm-up with the ladies was carried out by coach Aleksander Matusiński – the coach of the famous women’s 4×400 meters relay and his runner Kornelia Lesiewicz – vice-champion of the junior world in athletics.
At the finish line, apart from these two water bottles, Tamara Arciuch and Bartek Kasprzykowski also “served” water bottles.

Finally, the plan for Sunday – the last day of this year’s LOTTO Challenge Gdańsk:
6:00 – 7:30 – access of competitors to the transition zone (no possibility of placing bicycles)
8:00 – 14:00 – Expo Zone
8:00 – START – Medium distance – PRO M
8:02 – START – Medium distance – PRO K
8:12 – START – Middle distance Age Group – rolling start
14:00 – 17:00 – pick up bikes from the change zone
16:30 – time limit for the middle distance
16:15 – Medal ceremony of middle distance