LOTTO Challenge Gdańsk powered by 2024 – it’s time to start!

Right next to the beach in Gdańsk – Brzeźno, we started the fourth edition of LOTTO Challenge Gdańsk powered by PGE. Today we started issuing starter packages and met at a press conference with the Ambassadors of Challenge Gdańsk. Today we also cheered for the youngest participants of TREFL Aquathlon Gdańsk.

The press conference organized at Polsat Plus Arena began at noon. On the one hand, we had a lot of journalists, and on the other hand, we had distinguished guests, including: LOTTO Challenge Gdańsk powered by PGE Ambassadors: Joanna Moro, Karolina Filipkowska and Karolina Bereza, along with their coach Jakub Czaja.
For actress Joanna Moro, this will be her triathlon debut and she will compete in the Olympic distance. – Only a few days ago i realized that we would be racing against the clock. That we have limits and i cannot indulge in this pleasure for as long as i like – smiled Joanna Moro at the conference.
Her daughter and sister will be cheering her on along the route. – It’s probably good, but i don’t know how my little one will behave when i’m on the course for so many hours. And my sister comes to me all the way from Vilnius – adds the actress.

Directly from Rome to Gdańsk

The conference was also attended by the vice-president of the Polish Athletics Association, Sebastian Chmara, who came to Gdańsk almost straight from Rome, where he commented on the European Athletics Championships for TVP Sport.
Sebastian Chmara will also start on Saturday at the Olympic distance. – First of all, i need to sleep, because Rome has given me a hard time. A lot of work, travel – says the titled Polish athlete and activist. – I was afraid of swimming at the beginning because rumors had it that the water was 12 degrees. But it turns out to be warmer. People first think about finishing the race calmly, but it is known that when they stand at the start, they become eager to compete – added S. Chmara.

Youngest first!

The first sports edition of this year’s Challenge Gdańsk powered by PGE was TREFL Aquathlon Gdańsk, an event addressed to children and teenagers. The youngest had to swim 50 meters and run 100 meters. The oldest – 400 meters and 2 km, respectively.
In total, well over 100 people showed up at the start.
The competition was first started by competitors in the two oldest groups – aged from 13 to 17. The fastest here were Filip Kisielnicki and Kacper Łoś, as well as Julia Dołgan and Natalia Salińska (all KTS Ironman Kwidzyn).
Interestingly, in the race for 11-12-year-olds, the fastest were girls who took the first three places. The winner was Pola Zasada (UKS Tri-Team Rumia). The fastest among boys was Antoni Zagalski (Tri Talent Team Gdańsk).
We had a similar situation in the largest race for 9 and 10-year-olds. Also three girls were the fastest. Aleksandra Kurek won, Ksawery Sosnowski was the fastest among the boys. Both of them, just like the entire top five at this distance – from KTS Ironman Kwidzyn.
Among the youngest, Michał Rusak (RR Team Gdańsk) and Aleksandra Reszke (UKS Tri-Team Gdynia) triumphed.
Last year, the waves prevented the youngest children from swimming. This year the sea was calmer, but colder than last year.
The results from today’s competition can be found HERE

Schedule for tomorrow (Saturday, June 15, 2024):
8:00 – start of the Sprint distance (750 m swimming – 20 km bicycle – 5 km running) – Gdańsk Brzeźno Beach
10:00 – start of the Olympic distance (1.5 km – 40 km – 10 km) – Gdańsk Brzeźno Beach
18:00 – start of Challenge Women by Brooks (women’s 5 km run) – Gdańsk – Brzeźno Pier
20:00 – technical briefing for middle distance competitors in English – Facebook @ChallengeGdansk