Rent a swim suit

We offer the possibility of renting a wetsuit for our event. We offer three models of swim suite for rent:

  • Sailfish Ignite – 145 zł (34 EUR)
  • Sailfish Attack – 180 zł (42 EUR)
  • Sailfish One – 225 zł (53 EUR)

We will advise:

  • how to choose a wetsuit to optimize your position in the water and improve your result
  • how to put on and take off the wetsuit in training and competition conditions
  • how to care for a neoprene wetsuit

Please contact us by phone to book wetsuit and arrange a meeting date and place to choose the right wetsuit.

We need the following information:

  • weight and height
  • chest circumference during inspiration
  • selected distance/advancement level
  • phone number
  • proposed date and time of collecting the wetsuit

Contact us:

Mobile: +48 881 249 881