Challenge Gdańsk plays with Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity!

CHALLENGEGDANSK plays again with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity! In the auction prepared by the organizers, you can bid for participation in a triathlon relay race with actress Tamara Arciuch.

The actress started training in December and, under the supervision of Katarzyna Żołnowska and Jakub Czaja, is preparing to overcome the swimming stage during the Gdańsk competition. Anyone willing can bid for participation in the relay at the bike or run stage. In this way, a three-person team will be created, which will start in Challenge Gdańsk on the weekend of June 17-18, 2023.

– Tamara has been diligently training in the pool under the supervision of our coaches since December. Training gives the actress a lot of joy and gives great satisfaction. I am very pleased that the actress agreed to our proposal and will start in Gdańsk – says Adam Greczyło, director of the event.
At the moment, the distance at which the relay will start remains undetermined, the matter will be settled between the winners of the auction and the actress about a month before the competition in Gdańsk.
Relay auctions are conducted on the website:

Both auctions will last until February 6, 2023, 9:00 am.

This is not the first auction for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity conducted by Challenge Gdańsk, a year ago you could bid for a start in the relay with Dawid Tomala, the Olympic champion in the 50 km walk from Tokyo. The start with Dawid was auctioned by Mr. Piotr and Mr. Mirosław, and the account of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity was credited with over PLN 6,000.