Challenge Gdańsk is coming back in 2022!

Challenge Gdańsk is coming back to the city by the Motława River on June 18-19, 2022, announced Piotr Grzelak, Deputy Mayor of Gdańsk for Sustainable Development, during a press conference summarizing the first edition of the event. Registration for the event is starting on Tuesday, August 2 at 12:00.

Friday’s press conference at the Gdańsk Stadium began with a summary of this year’s edition of LOTTO Challenge Gdańsk 2021.

– We are very pleased with the words of the participants which we heard many times during the warm weekend in Gdansk, that is “I will definitely come back”. For the City of Gdansk, this is an event that we would like to see again in the coming years. We feel that on the one hand, it is professionally prepared, and on the other, which is also extremely important, it has a universal character. It harnesses the excitement and energy of citizens of Gdansk to return to sport after a period of pandemic. This year’s edition was a great, wonderful experience for us and we hope to carry it on – said Piotr Grzelak, Deputy Mayor of Gdansk for Sustainable Development.

Leszek Paszkowski, Director of the Gdansk Sports Center, was also satisfied with the organization of the competition in Gdańsk:

– For the 9th time the triathlon will be held in Gdansk. The past event was a success and showed that in Gdansk you can successfully prepare a world-class competition. It also has the potential that we want to develop – stressed Leszek Paszkowski, Director of the Gdańsk Sports Center.

Race Director Adam Greczyło focused on thanking the partners and services involved in LOTTO Challenge Gdańsk:

– I would like to thank the city of Gdansk for making it possible to organize this event. I would also like to thank our title partner Totalizator Sportowy, the owner of the LOTTO brand. I would like to thank the people who were not in the front line during the organization of the event but who gave us a lot of support – the Traffic Department of the Gdansk City Police Station, the Road and Greenery Management, volunteers, medics, swimming route security and many others.

As the LOTTO Challenge Gdansk has been very positively received by the triathlon community and the city of Gdansk, it is time for a declaration of continuation of the project in 2022:

– We would like to invite everyone for next year. June 18-19 is a date worth marking in the calendar today. We want this to be a great celebration of sport. It is also a good moment to plan your training and start preparing for the next year’s competition – encouraged Piotr Grzelak.

Leszek Paszkowski added that the Gdansk’s edition of the event in 2022 will be enriched with the Olympic distance (1500 m – 40 km – 10 km).

– This year we are already announcing that our 2022 event will be held at the sprint, Olympic and middle distance. We’re also announcing that we are going to encourage Gdańsk’s women and men to participate in the triathlon in 2022.

Tomasz Galinski asked Race Director Adam Greczyło about the details of registration for the 2022 event:

– Registration for Challenge Gdansk 2022 is opening on August 3rd at 12pm. For the first two weeks we have a special discount offer for riders who have competed in 2021, everyone will receive an individual code entitling them to a 10% discount for 14 days. A similar offer will be addressed to all holders of a resident of Gdańsk card – confirmed the competition director.

All details regarding race registration, entry fees and event rules will be available at www. Challenge-Poland. com, which will be updated by Tuesday.