CHALLENGE GDANSK as a part of CHALLENGEFAMILY, will follow one the principle rule #ALLABOUTTHEATHLETS.

In case if organization of the race at it is planned will not be possible due to COVID19 pandemic or other force major organizer had prepared few other scenarios for the event.

One the possible solution in case of COVID19 pandemic and polish government restrictions will be race at Olimpic distace (1,5 km – 40 km – 10 km) insted of middle distance (1,9 km – 90 km – 21,1 km). In this situation athletes who decide to start will be awarded slots for THE CHAMPIONSHIP in Samorin, Slovak Republic in 2022 as it stayed in middle distance rules.

The athlete will be the one who will decide about his racing fee, few posibilities below:

  1. Starting fee refund deducted of banking fee (aprox. 20 – 30 EUR)
  2. Start at shortest distance and refund of 50% starting fee as a voucher for our race in 2022.
  3. Transfer your starting fee to 2022 – no matter if the price for 2022 race will grow up.
  4. Transfer your starting fee to other athlete.

Organizer should announce information about the race 30 days before at the latest. If due to the COVID19 pandemic it will be not possible organizaer keep the right to announce this information later.